At Redeemer, we believe that the Bible is God’s Word, so our pastors often preach through entire books offering explanation and real world applications.

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2/28/21 Barrett Jordan Genesis 3:1-24 Come Out of Your Hiding Place
2/21/21 Barrett Jordan Genesis 3:1-5 The Anatomy of Temptation 
2/14/21 Barrett Jordan Genesis 1:27, 2:4-24 The Creation of Ish & Ishshah
2/7/21 Barrett Jordan Genesis 1:31-2:3 6+1= The Rhythm of Life
1/31/21 Barrett Jordan Genesis 1:1-31 The Glory of אָדָם
1/24/21 Kurt Gray Mark 14:1-11 What Is Jesus Worth?
1/17/21 Barrett Jordan Genesis 1:1-25 A World Overflowing With Life

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